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Eco-entrepreneurship education.

Eco-Entrepreneurship Education.

General and youth unemployment and underemployment is a huge burden, and a major headache for every country on the continents particularly Tanzania. Youth unemployment rates are higher than that of none-youth. To avert a future of desperation, crime and violence, there is an urgent need to create jobs that will eradicate poverty, improve the quality of people's lives, and bring economic prosperity to Tanzanians and East Africans. Thus, Promoting eco-entrepreneurship will not only improve the opportunities for employment for young people, but will contribute to address a number of challenges that are linked to social and economic issues, the burdens of which are predominantly felt by the most vulnerable.

Eco-Entrepreneurship Course;

This interdisciplinary education programme will build on existing courses in the sciences, sustainability, business and entrepreneurship.The SuBeHuDe services to enhance an Eco-entrepreneurial spirit among Ecopreneurs and make eco-entrepreneurship a more attractive career choice and help them seize opportunities.

Sustainable Resource Management Course:

Sustainable resource management at SuBeHuDe takes the concepts from the three branches of sustainability; the environment, the needs of present and future generations, and the economy and synthesizes them with the concepts of management that help communities have their own ability generating income, food, water and nutritional security, health and educational security, energy and housing security.