Sustainable Commercial Beekeeping and Technology.

Practical Beekeeping and Technology at SuBeHuDe:

Sustainable Beekeeping and Human Development (SuBeHuDe) provides training for local community on Sustainable commercial beekeeping since 1st of August 2016. Practical beekeeping offering a path to connect and expand SuBeHuDe's current programs on organic honey and other bee products.

SuBeHuDe's future plans for beekeeping and technology; apiary establishment, beekeeping equipment and tools, honey bees' products collection, processing, packaging, labeling and marketing, and bees product quality assurance.

Sustainable Commercial Beekeeping and Technology Course;

Since 2016, the SuBeHuDe in partnership with NWBFoundatio and other Beekeeping Stakeholders organizing successful two-days to four-months of Beekeeping Course in all regions of Tanzania. After the training, several of the local beekeeping graduates will begin collaborating with SuBeHuDe and NWBFoundation to develop more youth and women beekeeping groups and further promote the principles of pollination to address the problems of food scarcity and malnutrition, poor health services, unemployment, deforestation and other environmental issues in the country.