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Sustainable Practical Permaculture.

Practical Permaculture at SuBeHuDe:

since 1st of June 2017, SuBeHuDe provides training on Sustainable practical permaculture. Practical Permaculture offering a path to connect and expand SuBeHuDe's current programs in organic gardening and tree planting, and SuBeHuDe's future plans for sustainable building, aquaculture, mushroom production, surface water management and rainwater harvesting and alternative energy.

Organic Food Production: Permaculture Design Course;

The following years, SuBeHuDe in partner with NWBF and other permacultural institutions shall be organizing a successful two-week Permaculture Design Courses particularly in rift valley regions of Tanzania. After the training, several of the local permaculture graduates will begin collaborating with SuBeHuDe and NWBF to develop more permaculture gardens and further promote the principles of permaculture to address the problems of food scarcity and malnutrition, poor housing, deforestation and other environmental issues in the area.