Agriculture Now is Angry-Culture!

WHAT….?!, WHat….??! What……???!!!!

Yes…….!!, Yes…..!!, You got Angry too….!!!

Nowadays, farming has become a huge burden for the local communities, youth and women in particular due to chemical dependent type of agriculture which rely on industrial chemicals from sowing to harvest to storage the thing that scares college leaving youth and or/local women to venture in agricultural activities as means of self-employment for real self-reliance.

This is a time for u-turn, turning to the eden garden where God himself commended us to cultivated and protect it, conserving the Earth.

No wonder how, practical permaculture ethics and its principles will perfectly play our U-turn farming through organic gardening, farming and food forest system.

We will really produce healthy and nutritional-balanced foods to put on table eat and improve our health for healthier lives.

Permaculture is so much better than chemically driven monocultures “deadly” of genetically modified soybeans, corn, rice and fruits and so good for my Buzzing Friends and produce real foods toooooooo…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!