Past Projects

Healing Trees

It was a global collaborative movement that to planted more than 5 million trees around the world in memory of people who have died from COVID-19. The tree symbolizes life, so it also wanted to convey a message of unity, a united society with the aim of honoring the loss of loved ones and sending a message of hope to families and friends and anyone who experienced grieving processes.

Eco-Entrepreneurship Development Project

70 youth and women trained in Api-preneurship development to sustain bees’ habitats.

Solar Cooking Science Project

45 youth and women trained in Solar Cooking Science.

Beekeeping for Environmental Conservation and Improved Livelihood in Zanzibar Islands

In partnership with PPIZ, SuBeHuDe trained more than 55 newly and experienced beekeepers in Zanzibar Islands, the URT.

Beekeeping for Rural Improved Livelihood and Development in the mainland of Tanzania

504 youth and women inspired and engaged sustainable beekeeping.