Our Objectives

  1. To facilitate the achievement of global development goals (UNSDGs).
  2. To  promote   sustainable   human development   through   sustainable beekeeping and its technology.
  3. To provide environmental education for ecological conservation, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and community disaster resilience.
  4. To create awareness on environmental sustainability through reforestation, conservation and management of natural resou
  5. To facilitate social enterprises and entrepreneurship development for decent job to self-reliant and ensured macro-economic stability to the members of the society.
  6. To build community’s capacity, small and emerging organizations in their most challenging and evolving environmen
  7. To promote access to inclusive quality education for the vulnerable and marginalized; vulnerable children, street children, orphaned and disabled.
  8. To improve water, sanitation and hygiene of the poorest of the poor in rural and urban settlements.
  9. To promote basic healthcare and fight for HIV/AIDS/STIs and Malaria prevention.