Eco-Entrepreneurship Education.

General and youth unemployment and underemployment is a huge burden, and a major headache for every country on the continents particularly Tanzania. Youth unemployment rates are higher than that of none-youth. To avert a future of desperation, crime and violence, there is an urgent need to create jobs that will eradicate poverty, improve the quality of people's lives, and bring economic prosperity to Tanzanians and East Africans. Thus, Promoting eco-entrepreneurship will not only improve the opportunities for employment for young people, but will contribute to address a number of challenges that are linked to social and economic issues, the burdens of which are predominantly felt by the most vulnerable.

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Sustainable Commercial Beekeeping and Technology

Sustainable Beekeeping and Human Development (SuBeHuDe) provides training for local community on Sustainable commercial beekeeping since 1st of August 2016. Practical beekeeping offering a path to connect and expand SuBeHuDe's current programs on organic honey and other bee products.

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